Tip Tap Mat

Designed by: Gary Ng, Punyotai Thamjamrassri, and Giulia Scurati

Normally, you unlock doors with a key or enter a key code on a key pad. That works fine most of the time, but what if you just went shopping and were carrying a lot of bags? Everyone, no matter who you are or where you are from, knows that feeling of dread when your hands aren't free and you see a locked door.

Tip Tap Mat is a smart door mat which allows you to unlock locked doors with your feet. By using your feet to tap the correct combination on the mat, a wireless signal is sent to the unlocker which unlocks a digital lock.

Since most things nowadays are designed for your hands, they are often very busy. Your feet, on the other hand, are generally fairly free. We wanted to explore a different type of interaction and designed an unlocking interface that moves the interaction from your hands to your feet.

Pressure sensors under the mat detect your movements then transmit the data to the door's lock. When the correct combination is entered, the door is unlocked. Tip Tap Mat can be operated by everyone and is ideal in situations where a door can be unlocked without having to put down whatever they're holding, making it a hassle free experience.

Tip Tap Mat is easily installed. The mat console is attached to the corner of any rectangular mat and the sensors are placed underneath. Then, one of two unlocking systems are used. The first uses an unlocker module that is mounted onto an existing door lock. The second uses a custom lock which has the wireless controller built into it.

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